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1513 SOUTH 1500 EAST

(tucked between King's English Bookshop & Mazza) 

CLICK or call (801) 532-3372 for reservations

Walk-ins always welcome



DINNER 5pm-10pm, 7 days a week

 Photo credit:   Lisa Christensen for Utah Business

You'll find us tucked in between two buildings - The King's English Bookshop on the North and Mazza Cafe on the South - down a little sidewalk bordered with bushes.  

You'll see our rustic sign peeking out from under the ivy that surrounds the entrance to the patio. In the warmer months we have our hostess stand at the end of the sidewalk by our patio and in the colder months we have our hostess stand inside the little building, just off the patio.  Our entire space is small, off-the-beaten path, and a bit hard to find, but we sure love it.  The building holds our cozy dining room with shades of warm gray and original pane glass windows along one wall, and the patio is a tiny oasis of green plants and ivy in the warmer months.  Don't be shy, just walk up and say hello!

Trestle Tavern is a casual neighborhood tavern, serving Bohemian-inspired food with craft beer and cider.

The menu is divided into five sections - small plates, pierogies, salads, sandwiches and mains.  The beverage menu is a small, thoughtful selection of craft beers, ciders, cocktails and spirits. Each menu section highlights dishes that taste familiar and reference Bohemian food. Created by local restaurateur Scott Evans and the Pago Restaurant Group, Trestle Tavern is inspired by his personal Czech heritage and love for Eastern European food and drink. The name comes from the trestle wood native to Utah which made the railroad tracks for the Lucin Cutoff at the Great Salt Lake.

Why Eastern European cuisine?  Because it’s delicious and comforting but a bit hard to find, and we love bringing new food and beverage offerings to this fine city of Salt Lake.  The neighborhood pub or tavern is a concept that is so central in Europe (and many other parts of the world) as a casual, easy place to gather for a quick drink before heading out to an event or to linger with family and friends for a weeknight dinner.  Unlike the typical American bar or pub focused on alcoholic beverages and burgers -- many European neighborhood pubs/taverns offer comfortable versions of the local cuisine along with the local beer or other beverages. They are often tucked into small spaces, adjacent to retail shops or residential homes, and are meant to be visited often by the locals.  At Trestle Tavern we wanted to play on that by building a beverage and food menu together, in a charming cottage and outdoor space, by offering some of our favorite craft beers and ciders and a Bohemian-inspired menu (made from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients) that pairs well with the beverage list.

Trestle Tavern is located in the 15th and 15th neighborhood, next door to The King’s English Bookstore and in the space formerly occupied by Fresco Italian Cafe. The outdoor patio and inside dining room are intimate, charming spaces that match the easy, comfortable cuisine. You won’t find a bar counter anywhere on the premises – just our little cottage and patio – ready whenever you need us.  We are hoping to be a place to bring people together, encourage conversation, and add to the fabric of this special neighborhood.  



We're a small, local, family-owned business focused on bringing great and unique food to our fine Salt Lake City, Utah. No outside investors or corporate ownership here. We buy high-quality, sustainable ingredients largely from other local farms and businesses and we're fortunate enough to have a fantastic front and back of house team that makes us shine. A few of the people that keep us running include:

Scott Evans, Owner & Operator (pictured, on left)

Jameel Gaskins, Director of Operations, Co-Owner of Trestle Tavern (pictured, on right)

Troy Thomas, Executive Chef